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ItWorks Wraps the 72 hour miracle you've been looking for!

The Celebrities Slimming, No Stretch Marks After Labor, Beautiful Skin Secrets...How To Profit From It!

"I can't stand my squishy anymore!"

I felt like screaming that every time that I went to put on my favorite low-rder boot-cut jeans...and it had been 2 years since I had been able to get them on. I had had to settle for the high-rise jeans that went above my waist and rubbed my belly piercing, because I was not going to take that out! I was in a size 14...'sigh'. Before getting pregnant I was a size 9/10. Then the hips spread and I never could get below a large 11 again. After having challenges with my mobility I resigned to being a 14. I was wearing "mom jeans"  and they were not hot. The kept everything and my booty was ok, but I did not feel attractive.

I wanted my sexy back, after all I have been flying solo for 5 years...
So, I was trolling Facebook looking for nifty stuff and I happened on an ItWorks page.
It said

and there were all these pictures of women who had drastic changes to their appearance!

No Surgery                                                                       

Bye bye bad booty

My personal favorites
 I love her journey!

I had to know how to get my hands on one of these! I was excited! I wanted every woman that I knew to have the opportunity to get their bodies back...and get rid of that stubborn squishy! And the best part? The wraps are inexpensive! I had to know more! I actually had just seen a Living social deal for a traditional wrap to lose weight(water weight) go from $1,700 to $350 and I was shocked at that pricing. Take a look at this->
4 Ultimate Body Applicators come in a box.


Cocktails & Crunch

I message the owner of the ItWorks page and we met a couple days later at The Yard House in Westgate near Glendale, AZ. I had the pleasure of meeting 3 incredible women and learning about the skinny wrap and the other products. Suffering from FMS(fibromyalgia) I have issues cleansing fat & toxins. Being into health and wellness out of necessity, I had a lot of questions. I was smart enough to spend that hour in conversation and absorbed everything that I learned.

A Debt Free Company

The ItWorks company actually outright owns their home offices and the farms that the botanical ingredients are grown at so that they can assure that there are no GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms) sprayed on the plants in Mexico. Now, if that doesn't give you some confidence about the company's stability, then you may need to read more.

Health Transformations

My best friend and I are into wellness BIG. We both fight chronic health conditions and we do not want to take prescription medication. So, we eat for our blood types, we only consume and use organic products and we do our best to stay hydrated. Health conscious, yeah, we are by necessity! I have cut out items from my diet and now my 6 year old son's diet to help with his wellness, as it has been effecting his neurotransmitters.
My biggest challenge with having fibromyalgia has been to cleanse the toxins out of my body, which the body produces fat to store. So, if I get rid of the fat, bye-bye toxins and hello feeling better!

I asked around as well. I had the pleasure of talking to 2 women who both went from chronically ill to health and in control of their wellness, lives and financial freedom! I was on a conference call last Monday and I got very emotional to hear their stories and happy to have friended them on Facebook!

Rachel suffered from FMS also, for 12 years, it is a disease that is unforgiving and defeating because of all of the different symptoms and effecting the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. She may have been down, but she wasn't defeated! Rachel began taking the ItWorks product Relief and a year later is teaching Zumba! What? Yeah!

Courtney had been in an accident that had left her immobilized and wheel chair bound. Her body began to turn on itself and she had a strange auto-immune disorder where her muscles and bones began to deteriorate. She is also taking Relief and is a completely different woman!

Did these women keep their amazing health findings to themselves? No. They fearlessly shared their stories.


Losing My Squishy

Before front
I had planned 2 weeks ahead on  a Saturday to have my first wrapping party, I had water, cotton balls, Witch hazel, saran wrap, my measuring cards, pens...and my sponsor. My adoptive aunt made it. My condolences to the women who couldn't make it that night because we had a great time! I took those embarrassing Before pictures. Then I got measured...44 1/2 inches-ouch! Then my sponsor, Tiffany wrapped me and then wrapped me again in saran wrap to keep the wrap on. I knew that my body was different than most people so I left the wrap on a bit longer and I took a walk...and then I had to pee super bad. I had drank 4, 24 ounce bottles of water and I was moving the toxins on out. Here are my Before pics
Pooch, stretch marks & love handles...not so awesome. I had been wearing shapewear for support, but the summer in Arizona is not the best  environment for those.
Here is my side view...not so purdy
Before side

I had had my belly for 1 1/2 years and didn't think that it would go away.
After all, I had changed my diet, walked 3 miles a day and nothing had worked.

I drank a lot of water for the next 3 days and felt myself getting trimmer.
Day 1 felt more centered and less squishy.
Day 2 I felt 24 again. But  I waited until Day 3 to take my pictures because I was a bit afraid that my results would fade.
I was not disappointed!

3 days later
Helloooo svelt tummy! I feel so much better! No more squishy!
Got my sexy back!

Do you want it too?

I have had a baby, I can't work out, I don't do crazy diets and now I look amazing! I tightened, tone & firmed without paying a fortune! You can too when you order at my ItWorks page by clicking HERE

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